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Overflight permits refer to permissions to go into, pass and leave the airspace of any sovereign state across your route. Overflight permits are payable in several states worldwide, including Pakistan, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania.
How high is the independent airspace territory of a given country?
Officially, there are no global separation measures between a nation’s airspace and outer space. Nonetheless, there are some universal considerations among nations to set vertical borders of airspace. For instance, some nations take 30 km above sea level as their outer space separation line since it’s the highest altitude air balloons or planes can reach. Other nations choose the highest separation line of 160 km above sea level as it’s the lowest steady earth orbit.
How are overflight processing fees counted?
Each nation has its particular method of counting overflight fees. However, IATA has set a worldwide form of calculating overflight fees that state Overflight fees = unit rate x distance – km/100 x SQRT (MTOW/50).
If you are operating a long flight, so will the directory of overflight permits you’ll need to acquire; hence, the more overflight fees you will pay!
When do I apply for overflight permits?
The lead moment for applying for overflight permits differs from one state to another. Typically, lead times are 24 hours to 72 hours. It is notable that the quicker you apply for this permit, the better. Some nations charge more overflight fees to those who apply 24 hours prior to the flight day and less for those who submit their applications 72 hours prior.
What are the rudiments for applying for overflight permits?
In most instances, to give an overflight permit, it is enough to give the details of the plane operator, the flight number, the purpose of the flight and schedule, and aircraft registration and type. Nonetheless, some CAAs of other nations also demand air operator certificates, noise certificates, insurance certificates, aircraft registration certificates, and airworthiness certificates.
Who enforces the price of flight permit issuance and overflight fees?
The process of imposing as well as collecting flight permit fees varies according to each state. Generally, authorities in most states are accountable for the process. In some states, other entities are involved in the process, for instance, military or specialist local government agencies. Concerning the fee collection process, often, the same authority that enforces the fees is responsible for collecting them. However, some countries rely on regional or international organizations to collect the fees.
With the help of a good flight planning company, you’ll choose a flight route that lowers your overflight fees and get a precise calculation of the amount to pay. However, there are many flight planning companies, and selecting the best could be daunting. First, you need to seek recommendations from your close acquaintances to know which flight planning companies they used. Also, read reviews to gather more information to help you identify the best flight planning companies. Make sure the flight planning company is experienced, so it has a broad knowledge of routes to help you pay the lowest possible amounts.

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